My Aging Desktop Is Sick

No idea whats wrong with it, ill find out this weekend if its worth fixing. So, in the meantime, I’ll be pecking out some long overdue posts in the days ahead via my iPad. As much as I love the iPad, when it comes to writing I prefer the desktop – even over our laptop. … Continue reading

May 1st, 2011 Mountain Goat Run Report

Better late than never, right? Between being the mom of three, my part time job and getting ready for my first triathlon of 2011(June 11th!!) – I’ve had little time or energy to sit down and post anything. Plus, I think I needed some time to absorb it all. Up until then, my longest run, … Continue reading

My Longest Run

Today, I ran the longest and furthest I ever have. An hour and 45 minutes – 7.77 miles, a 13:30 minute mile. The Mountain Goat is in a week and today’s run made me feel a bit less intimidated about doing it. Oh, I know I’ll be slow – but now I feel confident that … Continue reading


I’m signed back up with my tri-coach@TriMommylife  to prepare for my first of two triathlons in June, 2011.  We sat down and went over some of my training goals and incorporated some of my road races I have planned, into my training schedule. I love, that she knows I’m in it for the fun – … Continue reading

What Is A Triathete? A Runner?

Is it sponsorship? Is it a tri bike? Or the right shoes, clothes or “However minute mile?” Is it a half or full Iron Man under your race belt? Is it being fast? Or at least, “fast-ish?” Yes. It is. It’s also the Mom (stay at home or working), struggling with body issues. It’s the … Continue reading

I’m Not Doing This For A PR…

I’m doing it… Because I’ve discovered the joy in exercise. Because it challenges my body and my mind. Because I want to show, there is no shame in being a penguin (or a turtle) athlete. YOU are still an athlete. Because I love to stop and take a quick picture on the race route (which … Continue reading

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

Hills, hills and more hills! Four miles of them!  This was my first race with REAL hills.  I have been in a running group now since early fall and have made a lot of progress in my running.  While I could have probably run the race faster than I did, I admit I was hesitant … Continue reading

Still Here, Still Running!

I’m working on a couple posts right now – things have been so crazy the past month, I’ve fallen a bit behind! I’ve got some new running challenges for ’11 I’m considering, which I’ll also update on as well. Stay tuned!

A Wonderful Day

The kids slept in. So did we. Watched the kids have a fantastic swim lesson. Then indoor soccer for my youngest. Swam 30 minutes myself, then met a friend and ran for 50 minutes. Mass at 4. I had a pool induced runny nose. No tissues and my 6 year old fell asleep on me. … Continue reading