Do I? Don’t I? Oly Tri?

I have it on my 2012 race agenda to do my very first Olympic distance triathlon.  Specifically, Delta Lake – 1500 meter swim, 24 mile bike and a 6.0 run.  I am holding off on registering till my tax refund comes in – it is SOOO hard not to sign up now.  It has as much to do with anticipation as it does with fear.  I won’t do it, if I don’t sign up for it.  Stewing over it in the meantime is making me crazy!

I am stewing so much, I’m already having the “swim dreams.”  The swim, for me, is the most challenging part mentally.  As a result, I’m already starting my mental visualizations of open water swimming…Can we say “obsess much?”

Because I am already stewing, a friend of mine (who also wants to do this triathlon and unlike me, is a very confident open water swimmer), has offered to stay with me during the swim and “talk me down” if I start to panic.  It truly touched me, that she is willing to sacrifice her swim time and stay by me,  if that’s what it takes to get me through the swim.

I am determined not to have her shadow me.  Of course, I’ll want her by me at the start, but then I plan on shutting out those fearful voices and finish strong. Still, I’ll admit that is very comforting to just know a friend is willing to do that for you.

Race day aside, I hear many positive things about this small town based triathlon.  I love the idea of supporting community based events as well.  For all that, doing this has more to do with me continuing to push outside my comfort zone  – becoming a more confident and healthier me.  I’m looking forward to what the upcoming year’s race calendar will bring.

I may not be the fastest, but I guarantee I am having fun every step of the way.


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