My Longest Run

Today, I ran the longest and furthest I ever have. An hour and 45 minutes – 7.77 miles, a 13:30 minute mile. The Mountain Goat is in a week and today’s run made me feel a bit less intimidated about doing it. Oh, I know I’ll be slow – but now I feel confident that I will finish.

They say, that the first 15 minutes of a run are the hardest. I find that to be true. I start off feeling like I’m running in cement and breathing through a swizzle stick. On my longer runs, I prefer to listen to podcasts. Today, I listened to a Catholic podcast called “The Break” hosted by Father Roderick from The Netherlands. I especially enjoy Father Roderick’s podcasts, because he is also a runner, Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings/Star Wars fan and in general, a geek – which I can relate to.

So, being Easter Sunday and having totally missed Mass (I know, bad Catholic!!!l), I decided to listen to Father’s podcast during my long, late afternoon run. I found I was able to separate the discomfort of my body and contemplate the topics Father was discussing. Which were everything from the beatification of Pope John Paul ii, to jail breaking his iPad 1.

I was honestly surprised at how quickly the time passed. Yes, by the end, my knees were aching…my toes were threatening a blister ( didn’t get one ) and I could have happily laid down on the sidewalk and taken a nap. But I kept to the runner’s trick of “make it to that stop sign…ok, make it to that corner…” I kept my walking to 30 seconds or so and I willfully lost myself in the contemplation of something greater than myself.

I don’t take offense, if you don’t believe in God. But there is more to this life than you or I – sometimes, on a long run, it’s easier to see that.


3 thoughts on “My Longest Run

  1. Congrats on making it so far! I agree that the beginning of a run can be the toughest, especially when you start out knowing you have many miles to go.

  2. Congrats on your long run Shawn! My longest so far is just over 10k (6 miles) and it’s definitely an accomplishment to be going almost 8 miles!

    I find the first 15 minutes is certainly the hardest for me – I am slow to warm up! But once I’m going I actually like the long slow run thing, with walk breaks occasionally!

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