I’m signed back up with my tri-coach@TriMommylife  to prepare for my first of two triathlons in June, 2011.  We sat down and went over some of my training goals and incorporated some of my road races I have planned, into my training schedule.

I love, that she knows I’m in it for the fun – but still gives me that push to work a bit harder and raise my own personal bar a bit higher.  She is also mindful of my issues with patellar tendonitis, in my right knee.  I have a very challenging road race coming up in May – The 10 mile Mountain Goat Run (and yes, the name implies HILLS).

Ideally, I should have started training back in December.  While I haven’t stopped running, I haven’t been doing the times I was doing pre-Christmas.  So, I have a conservative, yet challenging run regimen to tackle.  Something that will allow me to look at my Mountain Goat Run with personal satisfaction.  Participants who do the 10k, ideally should be able to finish in 2 hours and 10 minutes – or a 13 minute mile.  On my good days, I’m about an 11 – some days I’m just over a 13…so I average about  a 12 minute mile.  I admit, I’m not always pushing myself – which my training now has me doing.  I need to be pushed!   My goal is to finish and run 75% of it and finish in 2 hours. Once I start putting in the longer miles on my run, I’ll start getting a better idea of if I can meet this goal.

We also talked about how I was doing giving up ALL soda for Lent, including my one a day Coke-A-Cola habit. I’ve only caved once, with a drive through medium Pepsi (ugh) on a very stressful day.  Other than that, I have been soda free since Ash Wednesday.  I do have my one a day cup of coffee, with a dash of sugar (I can’t stand it black!!) and from this point on…either real cream or 1% milk.  Can’t believe I was so ignorant about how unfood fat free “creamers” are – Kelly had way too much fun enlightening me.  Live and learn!

But the best part of the meeting, was the question, “Any other things you want to go over?” I was almost too shy and too embarrassed to mention it…”I want to stop thinking of myself as un-athletic.” I got a look of absolute incredulity from Coach and the question, “Why do you think you aren’t athletic??”  My only answer was, “Because I never was…” I was always the kid, picked last in gym class.  The one, no one asked to the prom.

So, I’m taking her advice of having a personal mantra.  Something to change my thinking toward the positive.  I’m sure she won’t mind that I’m borrowing hers, which I repeat to myself many times a day, “I am an athlete.”  I…AM..AN…ATHLETE.




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