What Is A Triathete? A Runner?

Is it sponsorship?

Is it a tri bike?

Or the right shoes, clothes or “However minute mile?”

Is it a half or full Iron Man under your race belt?

Is it being fast? Or at least, “fast-ish?”

Yes. It is.

It’s also the Mom (stay at home or working), struggling with body issues.

It’s the women and men, who bring up the rear – always slow. Always part of those stragglers  coming in at the end.

It is also… people like you and me.

Wait a bit longer at the end.

We won’t let you down.

Sometimes, the bravest and hardest thing to do, is to just show up.

When we see you at the finish, still there, after all the faster participants have finished…its better than a medal.

Our bodies argue against it and our minds try to sabotage us, but we do it anyways.

We move.

We live.

We run, we tri.


3 thoughts on “What Is A Triathete? A Runner?

    • Love your blog! I used to live in Naples, from 93 to 2002. I admit, I do miss it now and then! I would rather swim in the Gulf, than in a mussel filled lake!!!

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