I’m Not Doing This For A PR…

I’m doing it…

Because I’ve discovered the joy in exercise.

Because it challenges my body and my mind.

Because I want to show, there is no shame in being a penguin (or a turtle) athlete. YOU are still an athlete.

Because I love to stop and take a quick picture on the race route (which obviously skews my race times).

Because I love to hang with those in the back…and see them come back again for another event or group run.

Because it stinks sometimes, to run alone. There is no motivation or encouragement in being left behind.

Because I won’t leave a runner behind. I want to see them come back and keep that forward momentum going.

for my family. I plan on sticking around a long time. I want to see my grandkids at the finish line. THOSE will be the best pictures of all.


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