Time To Focus

I haven’t been seriously training (keep in mind, my serious, may not be YOUR serious) since November. Due to finances, holidays and my husband interviewing/getting/starting a new job – I’ve put regular training on the back burner.

Yes, I have kept up with my running at least three times a week. I continue to take my triathlon swim clinic class and very occasionally, I’d hop on the spin bike at my Y. I admit it, I’m an outdoor person when it comes to the bike. Its almost as bad as the dreadmill, hopping on an indoor spin bike.

But now its February and my first triathlon is four months away. Time to get focused. This means penciling in my workouts around my work schedule. That I have at least a full meal with me at all times. It means stocking up on Power Bars, Shot Bloks, Lara and Clif Bars (as well as Chobani yogurts, string cheese, strawberry/banana smoothies, cherry tomatoes and blueberries – a few of my favorite things) and that my gym bag is always packed and ready to go (especially with the food).

I’ve already started developing an attachment to a particular water bottle, t-shirt, pair of socks and treadmill (its not superstition…just a quirk).

I’m not fast.

My gear is inexpensive and/or second hand.

I’m lost on a lot of the lingo.

But I find joy in that I am able to do something, I never pictured myself doing.


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