Chilly Chili 5k Run/Walk – Cazenovia, NY

To say it was cold today, is a bit of an understatement.  The Weather Channel had the temperature at 1pm as 7 degrees, but felt like -10 with the wind chill.

Several of my friends and I met at our local fitness center, for the car ride to Caz.  We were all pretty surprised, that none of us wimped out and stayed home – where it was warm and cozy, like sane people.

It was a fun ride – we all compared our layers, got the hand/foot warmer packets ready and conversed as to how we’d handle the weather conditions.

Upon arrival, my friend managed to snag a really good parking spot.  Because we were early, we stayed in the van and had a few collective heart attacks watching other drivers try to navigate the narrowed road.  It was really meant for parking on one side – but because of the temperature, people were understandably trying to park as close as they could to the race event. Its amazing, no one lost a rear view mirror.

Finally, we all piled out of the van and headed toward toward the starting point, a local school. We hung out inside, had a last-minute pee break (as is typical, the line for the boy’s room was shorter).

Once outside, all of us were huddled into a mass of shivering and excited participants.  The gun sounded and we all started forward…and stopped…and started again…and stopped…and finally started again and kept going.  Over the blue chip timing strip we  passed – laughing, talking and making light of the frigid temperatures.

I cannot express how scenic, Cazenovia is – or how friendly.  We ran/walked past quaint Victorian era homes (some were older, some were newer).  Many residents were roadside, cheering us on – we cheered them back! By far, this was the most spirited run I’ve participated in so far. That the locals were out there, in those temperatures, for that long encouraging each and every last participant – well, needless to say, I’m doing this event again.  As my friend “N” said –  “We have to do this every year!  I mean it!!!”

It wasn’t a “cake” run/walk either. It had a bitch of a hill. Long and gradual. I’m proud to say, that except for one moment, where I had to take a hit of my inhaler – I ran (slowly) the entire hill.  In fact, I’m thinking of driving out to Caz, once or twice a month to re-run the course for a training challenge/shake it up. I was so  happy to run various points of the run with all of the friends who also participated.

I loved:

The locals enthusiasm.

That we had frost on our faces at the end – we are hardcore!

I would have had a sub 38 minute PR (Yes, a biggie for me) if I hadn’t walked or taken snapshots…so I am totally counting that.

Seeing so many people, from my local fitness center there.

I LOVED the chili contest after – The “20” Restaurant and Steakhouse, you had the best in my book. Nice slow burn.

The beer was fantastic…but WTF at not getting carded? C’mon, an ego boost at least.

So many thanks to Caz – great town. Great cause . Great event.  Looking forward to next year!

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