Running With Friends

and making new friends, through running.  What an amazing thing!  Over the past year and a half, I have the pleasure of becoming friends with an amazing group of people.

People who, like me, never saw themselves as athletic…

or are overcoming self-confidence issues…

personal adversities…

and illnesses.

Through running (and triathlon), we’ve found we aren’t alone in what we are going through.  Our sorrows or hardships don’t have to be ours alone to bear….and our daily victories,  are all the more reason for celebration.  We share our struggles and our amazement at what we’ve accomplished.

It might sound silly to some…but there is something cathartic about putting on a pair of running shoes and seeing exactly how far you can go.

Sometimes we talk and share little bits of ourselves, like small gifts, shyly given…

and sometimes, we are quiet.  Lost in our own thoughts and the oddly soothing challenge of going “just a bit further.

I hope you know, however, that it’s not just in running, that you have friends. That you are never alone, if you need one.


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