If You Are, Or Were In The Military…

or are the spouse of a military member and hold a valid military I.D. – don’t hesitate to ask a retailer “Do you offer a military discount?” Chances are, even if they don’t have a policy in writing, you might get a little discount…which you deserve!  The other day, I was at Sports Authority, shopping for a new pair of running sneakers.  I found what I liked and they were 50% off!  At the counter I asked, “Is there any chance you offer a military discount and can apply it, even though my sneakers are already on sale?”  Thinking they’d have to call a supervisor to check, I was pleasantly surprised to have the clerk respond, “Sure! Glad to!” The supervisor did have to come over to key in the approval code, but that was all!  $48 dollars later, I walked out of the store with a pair of sneakers that originally sold for $85.00.

My husband is an Army National Guardsman.  My parents were Air Force.  My Step-Father was Navy and later Army Reserves.  My brother-in-law is Air Force and my Brother in law is active duty Army.  Needless to say, the military is a big part of my life.  They sacrifice so much, I truly believe that we can never do enough to repay them in kind.  So it is always good to see, that a larger retailer such as Sports Authority appreciates our men and women in uniform.  They have earned my repeat business.

Other retailers, that I’ve encountered, that offer a military discount:  Lowes. Home Depot. Sears. Dunkin Donuts. Cole Tire & Muffler.  Bass Pro Shop. Dell Computers. Old Navy/Gap. Auto Zone. AT&T Wireless.


2 thoughts on “If You Are, Or Were In The Military…

  1. That is a brilliant idea – its good to hear the military get rewarded over there. sadly I think you’d be laughed out of a shop in the UK if suggesting such a proposal!!

    Bit confused about the maths though, half of 85 is 42.50. So if you paid 48, that’s less than 50% off. Either way, its still a bargain 🙂

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