My “Security Blanket”

for my first tri last year, were my two “Silly Bandz” my kids picked out for me. One was a pink squid and the other was a blue dolphin – both glowed in the dark. I could not imagine doing that tri without them on my left wrist. Sadly, both have disintigrated and I am left without a security blanket. Yes, my next tri is still over 5 months away, but I need that “wubbie.” So, I’m going to be ordering my very first Road ID wrist bracelet…the last line reads “For My Family.”

Because they are my true security blanket.


3 thoughts on “My “Security Blanket”

  1. hi, im getting ready to start training for my first tri, I’m new at this blog thing too. can you tell me how do I add some of your web links you have on your blogroll on my blog page?
    By the way is awesome you do this kind of exercise, you are one of my inspiration1 keep the good job!

  2. Click on “My Account” and you’ll see a bit down below “Dashboard” a “Links” tab. Click on that to open the page to add the links you want. The easiest way would be to right click on the link you like, have it open up in a new page, copy the web address, go back to your set up page and paste it in. Hope that helps!

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