Night Running

I’ve discovered, running at night, is my favorite way to run.  PSA – For safety, I never run with headphones in. I wear my reflective gear, LED blinky light is attached and I stick to the sidewalks – and I never run in an unfamiliar area. I always have a place at any point in my run, that I know I can go to if an emergency arises (friend, Church, establishment, etc).

It is on these night time runs, that I’ve come to realize that the combination of the darkness and the quiet, are very soothing. I also find, that running at night is easier – often I run longer, enjoying the privacy a little bit of darkness affords me. No one can see me pick a wedge. Fire off a snot rocket…or trip on absolutely nothing at all. While I run, one half of my brain is on the lookout for uneven pavement, stopping at intersections to check for traffic and noting my surroundings in general.

I mull over the events of the day, things that are on my mind or even just the little things I need to get done around the house. Sometimes I reminisce – how much I miss my loved ones who’ve passed away, when my kids were newborns or how far I’ve come from that terribly shy teenager I used to be, all those years ago.

Running at I find a bit of peace in a hectic day. Try it some time and let me know what you find. Just remember – stay safe.


Here’s a good Runner’s World Article on some gear for night time running:,7120,s6-240-320–13374-0,00.html


3 thoughts on “Night Running

  1. I agree, running at night is lovely – the only problem that I have is that when my hot breath hits the cold air, the headtorch illuminates the fog – and then I can’t see anything 🙂

    I also take issue with the lack of bright coloured clothing. Everything sold here is black, which just means added expense for reflective safety.

  2. I’m guessing you live in the UK? Torch vs flashlight 🙂 I agree on the clothing – more retailers need to realize that not everyone is able or always runs doing the daylight hours. Even in daylight, reflective or brighter clothing is still the safer option. Have you tried online retailers for affordable, reflective clothing?

    Also does your headtorch have a standard light or is it an LED? I carry a small LED flashlight and that seems to work a bit better.

  3. I certainly do!!

    I have a nice bright red jacket which is standard wear in the current weather and is great during the day time. But all of my clothes have fairly small strips of reflective material in bizarre places – i’ve not searched a lot for reflective clothing – because I used to use the dark as an excuse not to run – but now I’m marathon training I’ve got to get off my arse whenever the training plan says!! 🙂

    Its got 5 LED’s in it. It can vary in power from 3-5 led’s depending on how bright I want it to be. Maybe a small flashlight is something to look into instead.

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