Adirondack Dreaming

Its my day off…in fact, I have TWO days off while the kids are in school.  This morning I’ve done absolutely nothing productive and am enjoying it!  I’m giving myself a rest day today, since I plan on running twice tomorrow.  I didn’t intend on running twice, but I have a friend who can’t run in the morning, so we’re meeting for a night run.

So instead I sit here in front of the computer,  mulling over the different state parks with in the Adirondacks for a couple or more summer camping vacations.  We’re tent campers, but not yet hardcore enough to do the “hike in” option.  One of my kids would love that, the other two would be heading for home the first time they hoisted their backpacks.  Even I admit, I’m not ready to be too far from a real toilet.

Summer seems very far away, but I’m already going over recipes to try in my new cast iron camp dutch oven.  I’ve purchased a replacement tent pole kit and am stocking up on other essential camping gear, we discovered we could use last summer – for example better tent light, in case it rains.  Nothing worse than trying to read under the tent flap and stay dry, because inside the tent is too dark to read.

I’m looking forward to seeing the stars over the lake at night and the silhouette of the mountains.  Day hikes, maybe attend a festival or splurge and rent a boat for the afternoon.  Mentally, I already have one foot out the door.  Half the fun of winter, is planning for summer.   So while some dream of white sand beaches, I’ll be dreaming of green forests and cool mountain lakes.


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