Three Is Not Overdoing It

As in my goal to do three sprint triathlon’s this summer.  Green Lakes in June, Mini Mussel in July and the Aflac Iron Girl in August.  My husband, has reservations.  He worries that I would be overdoing it.  He gets grumbly about the race fees…he’s still grumbly even when I point out, that one of them, my Dad offered to pay for as an early birthday present.

Hemming and hawing, he insists that there would be some additional cost, yet  unseen to sap away at our budget – souvenir t-shirts/water bottles/shoe laces/cat toys…(you get the picture).  Well, in a way yes, the souvenirs are fun, but not a necessity.

Last year, I was starting from square one.  This year all I need (other than money for my race fees), is a wetsuit.  Santa is letting the Birthday Bunny handle that one (Yes, Virginia…there is a Birthday Bunny).  Other than that, I have no big ticket purchases that need to be made.  I’ve got the basic necessities to complete my tri’s, covered.

I will only register for three triathlons if my husband is behind it 100% – and it will burn my butt, you bet.  But we have been married for almost 17 years now, together for almost 21 years.  I respect his opinion and his feelings on this issue.

Still…a little shout out in my favor wouldn’t hurt 🙂




2 thoughts on “Three Is Not Overdoing It

  1. I don’t think three is overdoing it at all – one per summer month seems perfect! In fact I’m leaning towards 3-4 and it’s my first year of triathlon!

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