Ringing In The New Year

how?  By registering for the first of what I hope to be three triathlons in 2011!  December 31st, 2010 I registered for my second year participating in the Aflac Iron Girl sprint triathlon on August 7.  I’m so excited, especially since my best friend will be joining me.  This is her first triathlon experience and I’m beyond thrilled to share the experience with her.

But it only gets better!  Not only is my best friend registered, so is my Sister in law!  I’m so inspired by her determination and strength – in going back to school for her second degree and becoming a special education teacher, but also in her ongoing journey at living a healthier lifestyle.

Many other friends of mine, in and outside of work will be doing Iron Girl ’11 again as well (or volunteering at the event).  The sport of triathlon can be a competitive one, but it is also one full of inspiration, camaraderie and support.  In triathlon, I have come to know some amazing people I am proud to call friends.

Later this week, I’m going to be registering for another local Y sponsored sprint triathlon in beautiful Manlius, New York.  This one is a bit intimidating – as the bike course is pretty hilly!  As with Iron Girl, many of my friends will be there – both male and female, as it is a co-ed event (which I find a bit intimidating…but I’ll deal with it).

What are some of the fit and fun things you are doing to ring in the New Year?


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