Winter has hit hard!

Not just with snow, but with the requisite winter colds I am so prone to getting.

Still, I am doing my best to keep up with the off-season “training.” I put that in parenthesis – as I am not a pro or amateur triathlete.  I feel a bit guilty otherwise 🙂

One thing I have really gotten out of a groove on, is my swimming.  Up until a month ago, I was doing really well at swimming three or more times a week.  I was doing really well between my YMCA tri swim class and the plan my tri coach @TrimommyKelly laid out (I’m on a holiday hiatus from coaching…damn budget).  Now, I’ve been maybe twice in the past month.

I could blame the back to back upper respiratory issues I’m dealing with.  My husband’s new job – and thus, an adjustment to our family schedule.  More hours and new responsibilities at my part-time job (which, fingers crossed, will lead to something more).  I could even blame the weather – we’ve had over 50 inches of snowfall, in the past two weeks!  That’s life in Central NY!

But still, I feel I am progressing.  Especially in my running.  I’m still not breaking any speed records…but just the other day, I ran for 9o minutes straight without stopping.  That’s right…an HOUR AND A HALF.  It wasn’t all that long ago, when 3 minutes seemed a long time and running a 5k without walking was unthinkable.  The other day, I did 6 miles – I was able to chat, joke and enjoy myself the whole time.

My pace was slow to be sure, but that’s ok.  I’m faster than those still on their couches at home.  So please, won’t you join me on my journey?  I love the company.


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