2011’s Race Schedule

June – Green Lakes Triathlon.  Manlius,  NY.  Sprint Distance.  This one is a “maybe” as it depends on 1) Funding, which is directly related to 2) Being able to register before it closes out.

July 10th, 2011 – The Boilermaker. Utica, NY.  Beer. Lots of beer after – God Bless you, Saranac Brewery.

July ? – Mini Mussle Triathlon. Sprint Distance.  This is a maybe as it also depends on finances.

Middle of the summer – Camping in the ADK I hope!!

August 2011 – The Aflac Iron Girl Triathlon.  Brewerton, NY.  Sprint Distance.  This is NUMBER ONE PRIORITY REGISTRATION!  My goal is to do this triathlon every year it comes to my area.  It was such an amazing experience, I want to do it again!

October 16th, 2011 – The Empire State Marathon.  I’m opting to do the Half Marathon.

Fingers crossed I register for and meet all of my race goals. Money is a big factor.  My first registration priority is the Iron Girl.  Another factor,  is my family’s schedule – the North Country Tri depends not just on a combination of funds, but also my husband’s work and National Guard drill schedule.  If he’s going to be on call for work or away, I can’t do it.

But, I have my 2011 goals and that feels pretty good.  This journey into being fit and athletic still feels strange on my bones – much of that is mental, I know.  But that strangeness isn’t unwelcome…the rewards are worth it.



One thought on “2011’s Race Schedule

  1. Update!

    I am crossing out the North Country tri do to logistical difficulites. However, it’s Olympic distance is on my goal for early ’12 and the Syracuse Half Iron Man for later ’12. My triathlon goals for ’11 are as follows: Green Lakes sprint tri, June ’11. Mini Mussle, July ’11 and Iron Girl sprint tri, August ’11. Iron Girl is the first and most important registration!

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