Bruegger’s Bagle’s 18th Annual Halloween 5k

I'm "Molly Weasley" 🙂

What a great way to kick off Halloween – with a 5k!  I haven’t done once since August, but I have been consistent about my running.

This 5k was a little different from the others I ‘ve done, as it’s a trail run.  The trail is mostly mulched  with a few stretches of board walk.

It takes place every year, at a county nature preserve in my area. The weather was started out rainy and I even saw a rainbow on my way to the park…cool!  By the time I arrived,  the sun was peeking out of the clouds.

I registered for the run, got my new jammy top – I mean t-shirt and met up with my friends also doing the run.  I even ran into my tri-coach, Kelly  Her kids did the fun run – which was very cute!!

Finally we all headed toward the start area and began to run – there was a slowdown in our pace, as we all had to basically queue up to get onto the trail.  There was a lot of chatter, laughter and a lot of good humor.  It was definitely a “good vibes” kind of run.

The run felt so good.  My only expectations were to have fun and enjoy the scenery.  Having walked/run the trail many times before, I knew what to expect…somewhat.  See, normally I run it counter-clockwise.  But the 5k had us going clockwise.  I really liked this, because it made the run seem “brand new” to me.

I ran with friends for part – passed a few, was passed.  I even kept pace with a couple.  Approaching the last few yards, my friends who had finished cheered me on.  Another friend,  Maria (who finished well before me), ran me to the finish line – I loved that!

My friends and I, dressed up for our Halloween 5k 🙂

Afterwards, I met up with my friends.  We got in line for our free juice and bagels  and discussed our run.  Times were posted and I saw I finished in 41:56.  Not what I wanted – I had been hoping to break the 40 minute mark at a timed 5k.  But then, someone pointed out to me, that I probably did set a new PR – when factoring in the stopping and waiting to get onto the trail.  I’ll go with that (but I’m going to time myself this weekend and see if I can’t manage a sub 40 minute 5k).  My goal by spring, is to average a solid 30 minutes.

You want to know another goal of mine?  A half- marathon in October 2011.  Here’s the link So, I’ve changed 2011’s goals a bit, here they are as of now:  Green Lakes Triathlon early summer ’11.  The Utica Boilermaker, early summer ’11.  Aflac Iron Girl August ’11 and lastly, The Empire State Marathon in October ’11.

Can I do it?  I know I can.

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Bruegger’s Bagle’s 18th Annual Halloween 5k

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you are doing the marathon with me!!! Ah! I am so thrilled!! We will have to train together! Awesome job at the 5k! I lost you when going into the field!!!

    • I am seriously considering it! However, I’m not going to commit officially till after I register for Iron Girl 🙂 As much as I like the idea of the Wine Glass Marathon – doing my first on my home turf seems very appealing.

  2. Thanks for sharing, esp the pic’s!! I loved them.

    I am starting to think/plan for next season, I am so inspired by your experience on your first Tri. I am in Iowa and I have volunteered at the HyVee Triathlon in Des Moines, really inspiring!! I actually knew some people so it was pretty great to cheer them on. I volunteered for the amateur runners.

    I have asthma, this fall has been rough, between being sick and asthma, extreme shortness of breath from the meds that sent me to ER, whew. I want to run in the Fall so bad but it just doesn’t seem possible. Dr’s are telling me it is RAD and not asthma that I have. But whatever it is, when the fall allergy season is over, I will be back in the gym at a vengence!

    Just curious but, do you have trouble running when temps fall? I can’t run outdoors when cold even when asthma is not acting up. Running in cold air makes me cough too much. I don’t know what other runners do in colder temps.

    Regarding your desire to break 30 minutes on the 5k. I have the same goal. My best time was 33 min and that was my first ever 5k last spring.

    I worked with a trainer this summer, she had me doing uphill sprints (5 in a row, 1 minute recovery), 440 m sprints, 1 minute recovery. Plyometrics, and a few downhill sprints. I was in good shape and this really helped in running longer distances more easily. This would be a good route to go. Also, negative splits, where you run part of the 5k at normal pace, pick up pace towards last 1 mile.

    Also Womens Running magazine is bimonthly but it really is a fabulous magazine for women runners, inspirational and lowtech and technical for all levels of runners. I would encourage you to find a copy, you will really enjoy it.

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