Something Just For Me

Every day, I follow a budget.  The rules.  Put the things I’d like to do aside…just for a minute, an hour, a few days…a few years.  So, sometimes I dig my heels in – in little ways:

I stop and sit down for an hour, to watch some mindless tv.


Or read a few pages in a book.  Sometimes, its even a mind-candy book (God bless you Eric Northman).

When, on the rare occasion, I find myself alone in the house…I ignore the moving pile of laundry (I swear, it has a life of its own) and take a nap.

Sometimes,  I even spend a bit of money on myself, to do something that is just for me.

Something that is mine alone to enjoy – and to savor the novel experience of doing something, I never imagined my self doing.

I’m not fast.

I don’t care about PRs.

Its simply amazing to get from the start to the finish.

Why don’t you tri?


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