An Adirondack Sprint Triathlon?

Of the three (no less than two, for certain) triathlon’s I plan to do next summer, one is in the Adirondacks – the North Country Triathlon in Hague, NY on Lake George.  I really am intrigued by what I am reading about this; in addition to a sprint, it also offers an Olympic distance course.  I’m seriously considering doing this.

Also, I’m wondering, how nuts it would be to plan a tent camping trip up in the area during the time the triathlon is.  How well will I sleep, in a tent (with my husband and three kids) the night before what would most likely be my second triathlon?  Am I completely nuts?  We love tent camping – I haven’t reached the point in my life, that my idea of camping includes indoor plumbing and electricity.

I grew up in the ADK and would love to experience this sport, in such a scenic setting.  I really need to find out more about this particular triathlon – how past participants rate it.  If you have any info at all, please share it with me!



2 thoughts on “An Adirondack Sprint Triathlon?

  1. Update 1/5/11 – scheduling and proximity, I’ve opted for the local Green Lakes Triathlon, which is not quite two weeks prior. Still, if I’m able, I may try to coordinate a camping trip so I can at least volunteer!

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