What I Eat…

Everything. I love to eat. I am always eating!

That said, I do have some guidelines. Now I am NOT and in NO WAY offering diet advice. I do not believe in diets in the “fad” sense of the word. What I do believe in is “most things in moderation.”

Junk food, makes the ocassional appearance in my house as a snack or even for dinner – I have a weakness for salt and vinegar potato chips or…a North Country/Montreal specialty “Poutine” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine, otherwise known as “gravy fries.” But with a bit of a twist.

I love cheese (oooh Stilton cheese with apricots especially). I also love good wine – chardonnay or a nice Australian Shiraz. Heaven, I hope, has BBQ – dry rub, please. But as much as I love to eat, I don’t overload my plate. “A bit of this, a bit of that” is my rough guideline…particularly for holiday meals. I keep dinners simple. Main dish, two sides – one always green. Red meat and starches to a minimum. Any meat – red, white or fish is almost always the least represented on my plate. I LOVE red meat, so this one is hard for me! I could and have, easily made a meal out of nothing other than a lovingly pan seared rib-eye steak – and I make the BEST pan seared rib eye steak (thank you Alton Brown, of Good Eats – if you like, I’ll share the recipe).

I will say up front I don’t buy all organic – I will buy organic if it actually tastes better and the price isn’t over inflated. I’m a bit skeptical of the organic movement as a whole and so far, I’m not swayed to go completely organic. But that is a debate for another day and a different blogger.

Locally grown is a bit trickier. Growing up in the north country of New York State, I feel strongly about supporting local farmers and industry. So, when its financially feasable I do buy local. We have a wonderful grocery store, Wegmans, that makes it very easy to do – as well as a fantastic online option CNY Bounty http://www.cnybounty.com/ as well as Adirondack Harvest http://www.adirondackharvest.com/ .

Genetics also help…but that doesn’t mean as a thin person, I was fit. As I’ve gotten older, the weight stays on much easier (especially after baby number 3 in 2004). For a long time, I resisted increasing my very laid back “fitness routine” and so, I was at one point – almost twenty pounds heavier than I was after the birth of my 2nd child.

Then a year ago I began to run. A few pounds came off, but not much. After my first 5k, I wasn’t very consistent about working out and began experiencing knee pain. Then in February of 2010, surprising everyone (mostly myself) I signed up for a sprint triathlon. I began to train, not just in running – but in swimming and cycling. More than anything, this cross training had a positive and direct impact on my fitness and my weight. I’m still not pre third baby weight, but I am a healthy and fit weight. The important thing to note, is I didn’t increase what I ate while training (for the most part -minus vegetables or fruit), as much as I wanted to.

The way I eat isn’t calculated for the most part. I know what is healthy and what isn’t. I enjoy FOOD. All kinds. I love finding the truly yummy in the good and I don’t beat myself up for enjoying the “bad’ now and then. I don’t eat when I’m bored, stressed or otherwise “not myself.” Food is meant not just for nourishing and fueling the body – it is also a sensual and creative experience. I enjoy eating and I do it consciously and joyfully.


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