Willow Bay 5K Run – 1 Year Later

40 minutes and 14 seconds!  Thats a 7 minute, 19 second improvement – whoo hoo!!

The weather was slightly overcast and cool, so it made for a very pleasant run.   Last year it was sunny and already creeping past 90 degrees at 9 a.m.  In addition,  I did NOT have the beginnings of pneumonia (like I did last year) – which made this years run much more enjoyable overall.

I am also very proud that I ran the whole 5k distance!  Minus when I took a drink from my water bottle I carried with me.  I’m just not coordinated enough to drink AND run at the same time.  It would be a recipe for disaster (more for the person I’d likely run into).

Trying to decide what my next 5k will be.  This was a “Fun Run/Walk.”  I’d like to do the next one to benefit a worthwhile cause…off to research!  Have a great weekend, folks!


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