3 Days To Iron Girl

and I’m as ready as I will ever be.  I can’t get much “readier” than I am right now!  It was in February, that I registered.  I was so freaked out, by my very out of character action, that I spent the better part of the night wide awake.  The months have flown by since then.  No, thats not right…they’ve streaked by, like the friggin Enterprise jumping into warp.

I wish I had thought to take a before picture, when I started my training so many months ago.  While I’ve never had weight issues, I have had fitness issues.  Since February, I’ve lost ten pounds – how much muscle have I gained I wonder?  I know I can see the difference and it must show, because others have commented on it as well.  Imagine that…me! Fit!!

Is it terribly silly, that I was thrilled to see muscle definition in the BACK of my thighs?  I’ve never had that!   Strangers are commenting that I’m a good swimmer.  One older woman, whom I was sharing a lap lane with, commented “Dear, you are a beautiful swimmer!”  Would she see the same, if she saw me in the lake – calming my self down and muttering under my breath “Keep on swimming! Keep on swimming!  La la la la la…you speak whale???”  Most likely she’d smile nervously and back away slowly.

To be continued…


One thought on “3 Days To Iron Girl

  1. Oh…and I did this during my tri too. Thinking of Dory asking “Do you speak Whale?” definitely took the edge off. Hey, whatever works!

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