11 Days To Iron Girl Syracuse! Some Thoughts…

I find myself careening like a pinball between intense excitement and absolute panic.  🙂

I’ve begun the tapering phase of my training – THANK GOD!

I am so thankful for my tri-coach Kelly!  She always has a moment to listen, even when she is super busy.  I appreciate it so much!

My right knee is doing well (patellar tendonitis).  I’ve babied it a bit on my runs by doing a mix of run/walks.  Even so, I’ve improved my run times!

I know have two, super new tires on my bike.  PleasedearGoddon’tletmegetaflat.  Going to do a few more practice tire changes just to be safe.

I had my first open water swim on 7/22.  Having run out of earplugs, I thought I could “just this once” do a swim without them.  Nope.  Did alright to the first buoy, started to get dizzy from water in my ears and panicked a bit.  Got calmed down and spent the remainder of the session just focusing on what it felt like to be in the lake.  Was very inspired by a friend who is working so hard to overcome her own fears of the water – Iron Girl will be her first triathlon as well.  I can’t wait to celebrate with her at the end.

Took the wetsuit out on 7/25 for an OWS and LOVED IT.  Knowing that it gives me the ability to stop and calm down a bit, without having to work so hard to stay afloat,  gave me some comfort mentally.

That said, my husband had way to much fun pulling me underwater, hitting me, bumping into me and trying to get me to veer off course (I also worked on sighting).

Some friends of mine want to get their first tattoo after the event – the Iron Girl logo.  Hmmm….maybe.  If so, where should I put it?

So excited and happy my Sister (in law) is coming all the way up from N.C. to cheer me on!

Cannot wait to see my kids  at the finish line.

Looking forward to the Expo the day before the Iron Girl!

Looking forward, even more, to the after party!!


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