Three Weeks To Go!

It’s exactly three weeks to go till the Aflac Iron Girl in central New York.  I am about as ready as I’m ever going to be.  At this point, major improvements in any three areas are not going to happen – rather, I’m at the point where I want to maintain what I’ve worked so hard for.

And I have worked hard.  Some days, I missed my training due to life not always being the most obliging.  But the majority of the time, I have met my training for each week.  Countless hours in the pool…its hard to believe, that at one point, two laps was almost impossible for me to do.  18 miles on the bike?  I can do that.  Getting in a three mile run in less than 45 minutes?  Got it done in 4o minutes.  My first 5k, almost a year ago today, I came in at just over 47 minutes…granted I unknowingly had pneumonia.  Now, I put it all together and hope that I cross that finish line sometime before dinner is put on the table…just kidding, I’m aiming for lunchtime…  😉

I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the people who say they are  hoping to or going to be there to cheer me on.  If they all manage to make it, I just know I’m going to be an emotional mess at the end.  Over the course of the day, I veer from excited, to nervous to scared $htielss (type o intentional).

I pray that I’ll get some sleep the night before, that I’ll wake up on time, that I won’t have to be hauled from the water, cut my foot on a zebra mussel,  get a case of  tummy trouble, get a flat, fall off my bike, lose my race belt, twist my bad knee…or a number of other things I can’t remember or won’t bore you with.

I’m doing something, I never in a million years pictured myself doing.  I’ve taken the picture I’ve had of myself for so long and making something new out of it.  How that picture will look, I don’t know yet…but I’m excited to find out.


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