Crazy Week and A Military Shout Out.

I was really starting to wonder, where I was going to fit it all in.  See, my husband is away for two weeks of National Guard duty and so, I am flying solo with three kids (ages 12, 10 and 6). My girls have camp this week – thankfully their drop off and pick up is where I work.

However, I have only one weekday off and all my pt shifts at the YMCA are mids – from about noon to 7pm.   So…its going to mean long days for all three of the kids – especially my middle.  He’ll be going to work with me, as he’s not old enough to stay at home (and he has Aspergers, so being home alone for more than a short period of time is a ways off).  Thankfully between the things he can do at the Y and what he’ll be towing along, he’ll have plenty to occupy himself.  Dinners will be late, so I’ll need to pack additional snacks for all of them, but we’ll get through it.

Its hard to complain too much, when I think about why my husband is away and why he does it.  I’m so thankful, not just to him, but to all our military men and women.  Everything we have, everything we value, is because of them.  Thank you, so very very much.


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