Bad Training and Cheese Cannolis

The last half of this week and the beginning part of the current  is not going well for me.  I was laid up for 3 days last week with a bad cold and got no training in.

My husband had drill over the weekend, finding the time to get my workouts in around my own job and not having another adult to watch them didn’t go so well – about half my training in for the weekend.  That said, I rocked my swim on Sunday.  1500 yards in just a bit over 45 minutes.  That’s great for me!

Now this week, I’m dealing with a three-day headache and a flat tire.  The latter I refuse to replace until I get my fun money (my paycheck).  I also found out, that I have a specialized tire.  Translation:  It costs more.  Of course.  Wait…the Excedrin Migraine just kicked in.  Now I’m irritated and wired.

I really wanted a cheese cannoli from Wegmans, but walked right past it.  I don’t feel good about that.   What does this have to do with some less than stellar training these past few days?  Nothing…I’m just obsessing.

I will end this week’s training the way I want it to go and if I do…I’m getting that cannoli.


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