Mr. Angry Swimmer, Next Time

I won’t let you intimidate me out of the ONLY lap lane available during the only time I could swim today.

Today was the first time, I actually had to circle swim in a lap lane.  Me, another woman and one man had a pretty smooth rhythm going…then Mr. Angry Swimmer shows up.  I have no idea if he’s really angry – but he swims like he’s spanking the water and the devil is chasing him.  Bad form, bad manners.

He didn’t ask if he could join us.  No small talk to establish a flow in the lap lane – which, with four people using, definitely needs flow.  Nope, he just gets right in and starts churning the water.  The other two people and I gave each other the “can you believe this guy?” look.  The woman and I debated staying in the lane, neither one of us comfortable with trying to swim around Angry guy.

So, rather than just hunkering down and getting through the last 20 minutes of my 45 minute swim, I got out.  I am so mad at myself.   Really put my knickers in a twist.  I should have just kept going and let things sort themselves out.  I’m sure they would have.  Mr. Angry Swimmer would have to work with us, if he wanted to get his swim in as well.

Lesson learned, don’t let an aggressive swimmer intimidate you in the pool.  They may not realize they are being intimidating.  If they do realize it and continue to be a jerk, get the lifeguard and diplomatically explain the situation.  Perhaps a little reminder of lap lane etiquette is all that’s needed.  So, Mr. Angry Swimmer…I’m now going to think of you as Mr. Focused Swimmer and use your focus as my motivation to get in a good swim.


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