A Shorter Swim? WOOHOO!!

Just got an e-mail update to day from the organizers of the Aflac Iron Girl here in Syracuse.  The swim course has been shortened from an 800 meter swim, to a 600 meter swim!  A teeny, weeny part of me is a bit disappointed – all the hard work I’ve done in the pool to be able to swim that distance and they shorten it??  But a bigger (ok, I admit it…a darn bigger part) of me is relieved.  I KNOW without a doubt, I can do the 600m.   Between my weekly tri swim class and the training plan I’m following, I’m building a pretty solid base.  I’m even noticing my endurance, or rather my rests are getting shorter in the pool.  I’m feeling, for the most part, more confident than nervous.  I’m never going to be a hare, but its the tortoise that gets all the glory after all.


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