PT…My Knee!

Don’t ask me why, but it sounds like someone trying not to swear…which is how I felt Wednesday at my first physical therapy visit.  The physical therapist had me stand, squat and walk a variety of ways while scrutinizing my knees.  Therapy involved learning some effective stretches and for fun – having my knee electrically stimulated while wearing a cold pack (not a pleasant experience).

Basically, it seems my problems are stemming from the fact that my patellar tendon is not the straight up and down oriented piece of tissue it should be.  Instead, its gone a bit wonky and is off at an angle.

My  IT band comes into play also – it seems, that it is tight and is causing my foot to turn outwards, putting even more strain on my patellar tendon and adding to my knee pain.  This causes pain.  BIG pain, whenever I try to run (or go up/down stairs).

So…long story short:  I have a knee strap in place all day (to take give support), except at night.  PT exercises 3 times a day and PT twice a week.  Next visit, I get to have my knee “massaged.”  Note the use of quotation marks.  This will NOT be an enjoyable experience.  The physical therapist will be pretty much giving my knee a painful “noogie.”  The point of which, is that this encourages blood flow to the affected area and speeds up healing.  Yay.  Can’t wait.

Hopefully, by the month’s end, I’ll see improvement and at some point sooner than later, can ease back into running.


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