A Year Ago…

running 7 reps of  “Run 1 minute, walk 4” was a real challenge for me – a struggle.  Today, running with the new group of “Train To Run A 5k” folks, I can see exactly how far I’ve come.   Yes, I’ve done the class before – but I’m doing it again.  In part, to regain that bit of ground I’ve lost (I haven’t run regularly since before Christmas), but also to support a couple of friends who are just starting to see themselves as runners.  In this group, there are a couple of women who are a lot like I was a year ago.  Women who are a bit scared and uncertain – but still daring to step outside their comfort zones and challenge their own uncertainties of what they are capable of.  Hopefully, they will surprise themselves, as I did when I completed my first 5k a year ago.

I’m not a fast runner.  I’m not a person who finds it easy.  Right now, I’m barely even running, due to a knee issue.  I’m looking forward to my knee feeling better and getting out for some regular runs. It is truly a rewarding experience.  I hope that the people in the group stick with it and find the strength to get through the harder parts to come.  I wish I could tell them, how wonderful it felt to cross my very first finish line – no matter how slow I was, I DID IT.  That feeling was incredible…wish them luck!


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