16 LAPS!

Thats 32 lengths of a 25 yard pool…which is just about the length of my swim for the sprint tri!! It took me about 45 minutes to do (I admit it, I rested quite a bit). I found it hard to imagine I would reach the point, where I could do 16 laps in the pool. Two months ago, I could barely do 2 laps!

Now when I turn to breathe, I actually get a BREATH and not that strangled “HEEP!” I’ve been told by some very good swimmers I have good form. Me? Good form? Ooh that feels so good!! My next steps are to continue to work on endurance and shortening my rests. Right now when I do laps, I do 4 with the pull buoy and 4 without. When I get to 8 laps, I treat myself to the flippers for 2 laps (its fun, zooming through the water). Then I do four more without the buoy and the last four with the buoy – I don’t count the flipper laps in my workout. I know they count somewhat, but that’s just my preference.

In regards to the flippers, when I’m there to work out, I try to use them very little. But at least once a week, I go lap swimming and only use the flippers. When I wear them, I’m able to relax a bit more and just enjoy the sensation of the water around my body. I especially enjoy doing steady, smooth laps – it gives me a chance to observe how my arms leave and re-enter the water, how I turn my head to breathe and amazingly enough…daydreaming! I never thought I’d get to the point in swimming, where I actually could let my mind wander off.

I’m rediscovering how much I enjoy swimming, which I haven’t since I was a teenager. It’s even more enjoyable now, that I’m getting actual instruction on proper technique. Not only do I feel more comfortable in the water, I feel safer and not as intimidated. Why did I wait so long? I don’t know…but I’m glad I finally jumped in.


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