I Got It On Ebay!

Got what?  A road bike!  A Trek, Alpha 2000 model year 2003 – barely used at all.  One of those big ticket purchases people buy in order to admire how the dust collects on them.  Yes, this could be me as well…I know this 🙂

I’ve been stalking Trek road bikes for the past 2 months and this met all the basic requirements – size and a carbon fork (basically where the handlebars set in to the frame of the bike).  Why the big deal about the carbon fork?  Less stress on your upper body, than an aluminum fork.  My experienced tri friends are telling me, that my body will appreciate the difference.   I was surprised at how much this bike went for when it it came out…on one hand I’m amazed how how well a good road bike holds its value and on the other, hoping I got a good price.

In my search, I came across gorgeous road bikes from  the 1970s, when the sport really started to catch America’s attention.  If you haven’t watched the movie “Breaking Away,” please, rent it asap!!  Quite a few of the listings for these bikes had stories attached to them.  The people selling these vintage bikes,  seemed as though they were saying goodbye to a treasured friend.  I remember my first bike, the freedom and joy it gave me.   It cannot be easy to part with such good memories.

What is it about bikes that appeals to so many of us? I think its because when we kick off and start to pedal, the years fall away and we remember that child we once were.  We feel a summer wind on our face,  see the road pass beneath our feet in a blur and connect to a joy we all to often wall off as adults.


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