Childhood Joys

Something occurred to me today…why are triathlons becoming more popular?  Think about it, it takes three favorite childhood activities and legitimizes them as adult activities:

A bike – how fun was it to ride as fast as you could down hill (and good God, no helmet)!!

Sneakers – running as fast as you can, through tall grass.  Watching grasshoppers scatter for safety, a faithful dog bounding beside you.

The pool – Whirlpools, going in one direction around the pool as fast as we could…stopping and riding the current around and around.  Floating on our backs, eyes tight closed against the summer sun.  Sunburned shoulders and noses.

Three things that made a summer magic…this is the mindset I’m taking with me as I prepare for my first triathlon at age 39.  I will remember how it felt to be 11 in the summer sun, with weeks and weeks of freedom stretched before me.


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