Did Not Want To Workout

and  do not want to blog…but guess what.  I did / am doing both anyway.  Sometimes you just gotta slog through, right?  Or, as I sometimes tell myself, “fake the motivation and hope it becomes real motivation.”

It would have been soooo nice to sleep into today…my ONE day off in over a week.  I’m still working more hours than I usually do, have all the usual Mom things and am trying to somehow get the motivation and find the time to train for a triathlon.  On top of it all, I woke up two days ago with a backache, the likes I haven’t seen in months.  About five years ago, I injured my lower back – severe muscle strain.  Even now, there are days when I sometimes tweak it just so and for the next day or two, I’m pretty much useless physically.

Thankfully, this most recent back irritation was short lived.  I still felt a bit stiff, but it was more from the forced rest than anything else.  One other motivating factor in heading to the Y – its vacation and they have a bounce house/slide set up for the younger kids.   My youngest has been begging me to take her all week.  Friday was the only chance I had to take her, as it was my only day off from work.  It truly tickles me, that even on my days off from work…I’m at work LOL.

Once there, I got into my swim suit and headed out to the pool deck.  All three lap lanes were occupied by two swimmers.  I’m not really comfortable with being the third person, so I set on the edge of the shallow end,  legs dangling in the water and chatted with another friend who happened to be there.  She is also training for her first triathlon AND is learning how to swim from square one!  I at least can swim and while not completely comfortable in the water, I’m not scared of it either.  My friend however,  is just learning how to swim while overcoming her fear of being in the water.  Talk about inspiring!

I have to remember, I am a work in progress…as we all are.

Note – this post is about two weeks past the events mentioned above.  🙂


One thought on “Did Not Want To Workout

  1. Training for a first triathlon plus learning how to swim is tough! I tried doing it and I ended up learning a little.. but nowhere near well enough for a tri. I decided to train for a marathon and blog about it instead. I’m obsessed with triathlons though, so I know I’ll end up there at some point 🙂 Good luck!

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