Not A Good Swim…

I signed up for an intermediate level tri swim clinic last week…and lets just say, my first day did not go well.  The first thing they had us do, was a timed swim, 100 yards (down, back, down, back).

I did ok on the down and back. Turned to make my second lap when my earplug in my left ear fell out.  I caught it in my hand, but water filled my left ear.  Almost immediately, I became horribly dizzy and breathed in some water.  I went to stand, scared myself a bit more when I realized I was still in the deeper  part of the pool.  I admit, I panicked.  I pushed my ear plug back in, made it to the end of the pool and just leaned against the wall.

The dizziness continued and everything from the pool floor under my feet to the walls, seemed unsteady and shifting.  The lifeguard came over to check on me and I told her what happened.  Once I calmed down a bit, I got myself out of the pool and went to blow dry my ear gently, with a hair dryer.  That helped somewhat, as did the swimmers ear drops – but I did not feel well enough (and I admit it, not calm enough) to get back in the pool.

Having this happen, and realizing I was out of my element and by far one of the poorest swimmers there, was irritating and annoying to me.  I have so much to work on!  I’m going to continue with my other class, beginner level tri swim and work once a week with an instructor one on one.  I also plan on swimming one day or more each week, on my own.

I’m not about to give up and quit.  I know this will take time.  I have decades of bad swimming habits to unlearn, but I will get there.  I realized, that a year ago, when I started running, that I couldn’t even go a quarter mile.  But with persistence and hard work, I was able to work up to running a 5k.  The same will happen with the swim, if I put in the effort and the work, I’ll get to 800 meters.  It won’t happen without taking in some water, sore muscles and lots of frustration…but it will happen.


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