Rest That Knee

I went to the doctor’s Friday, regarding the persistent ache in my right knee.  Its not a constant pain – more a “when I do certain things, it hurts” kind of pain.  I thought it prudent, to have it looked at, before I started working on my running.  I would hate to put effort into preparing for my tri and have a trashed knee ruin all my hard work.

So, to make a long story short – there is no apparent tendon or ligament damage.  It would seem that a combination of running, possibly needing new sneakers and an awkward stride on the treadmill may be the culprit.  So, for the next week, no running or fitness walking.  I can still cycle, swim and use the elptical/cybex machine to maintain my muscle tone and continue to improve my cardiovascular endurance.

If my knee does not feel better in a week, we’ll go from there.  Hopefully, it goes away or is something I can live with and work around.  Pain doesn’t mean gain, after all.


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