OHMYGODIMFREAKINGOUT!!!  I just registered for my FIRST triathlon!  The Aflac Iron Girl.  A year ago, I scoffed at the idea of becoming a runner…now I run (although since Christmas, not all that much…but that’s about to change).  Since then, I’ve done two 5ks and now I’m going to start preparing for my first ever sprint triathlon.

What is a sprint triathlon?  Well the Iron Girl consists of the following:

800 meter swim

30k bike

and a 5k run.

Last year, a few of my friends/co-workers were training for the Iron Girl.  I saw the result of weeks of hard work and sweat they put into it.  Women, like me, who had never really done anything like this before – who to some, might not be considered “athletes.”  The day of the tri, I made it over to the event in time to see them transition from the bike, to the 5k run.  I waited over by the finish line, to watch them come in off the 5k.   As each of my friends crossed the finish line, I felt an amazing sense of inspiration and respect for what they had achieved.   You could see the pride and sense of achievement, on each of their faces.  It was truly, a moving experience to witness.

Why am I doing this?  Not too long ago I used to think of myself as not being able to do something like this.  Not athletic enough, not smart enough, not WHATEVER enough.  I was (and still am in many ways) very self-conscious when it comes to exercising in front of other people.   Now, I’m starting to realize, the only thing hindering me from being the person who DOES do something like this…is me.


4 thoughts on “I REGISTERED!!!

  1. Great job on registering. It is a big step and you are one step closer to being a MARATHONER! Keep up the great work. You can be proud of what you have done already. It is amazing how becoming a runner can change lots of different areas, like our self-esteem. Keep up the great work. If it helps, check out my blog @ rundad.wordpress.com

  2. This is amazing! Sorry it took me so long to get around to commenting .. been out of the blogosphere for awhile. But I saw it on fb and think it’s FANTASTIC. Well done for taking it up a notch. [p.s. I could only give 5 stars, but it should be at least 7 :)]

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