Sucking It Up

and doing it anyway.  Many days, this is my exercise mantra.  Today it wasn’t my mantra as much as it was my guliting myself into going to the gym.  I only managed one workout since last Tuesday – between all the un-sahm like hours I’ve picked up at the Y and getting rear ended at A FREAKING RED LIGHT on Thursday…I did not make time to exercise.  Oh, I’m fine,  my car is fine and the person who struck me is fine.  I have some minor scrapes, cost of repair totals $695.00, which the other party’s insurance is covering….so glad I drive a small SUV, because her sedan was mooshed.

So…today I was dreading my swim because I didn’t get any pool time in.  The only workout I got was a half hour on the Tru-Stride machine (kind of like an elliptical).  I have so much to work on and today especially, I felt like a cupcake.  It also didn’t help, that I caved in and ate fast food…it tasted sooo good, but I felt pretty guilty after.  So, to offset that guilt, I did NOT let myself back out of my beginner’s tri swim lesson.  I even remember my goggles and silicon earplugs.

Today we started out with the paddle board and did 6 half laps with the paddle board, did four without and then finished up with 2 full lengths of the pool without the paddle board if we could (I couldn’t, my shoulders were so tired!).  I felt good in the water, my flutter kick seemed to be a bit more effective…but my breath is so awkward!  I feel that once I can relax enough with my breathing, be effective and not “HOOOP!!!” in a gulp of air, I’ll be able to focus more on how I move through the water.  Right now, I know what to do, but my awkward breathing seems to exhaust me faster.  Does that make sense?

So, if I’m going to do this triathlon in August, I have to HAVE TO make the time to work out.  It will mean going to work earlier or staying later, going on a day off and/or going outside before the weather is warm.  Sometimes it will mean bringing my kids and husband to the Y with me…because the one thing I will not do, is sacrifice family time.  It will also mean going when I’m tired, cranky or even postponing watching the latest episode of Lost (oh the horror!!).   Oooh and I just though of another good thing…my oldest will soon finish her teen orientation to the Y’s fitness center.  This means she’ll be able to join me to work out once in a while 🙂

I also need to register soon, as the Aflac Irongirl is already 50% full!!   Lastly, I need to stop second guessing myself, “Am I really going to do this????  What if I can’t finish?  I’m such a cupcake!!  Why am I doing this again???” So far my best answer is, why not try to do this?”…and that’s as good enough a reason as any for now.


3 thoughts on “Sucking It Up

  1. Wow – We canceled our gym membership this year because I only went a few times. I’m working my way up to walking the neighborhood…when it gets nice (always full of excuses:)). Congrats to you and good luck.

    And the note from your son/daughter – the best!!! What a sweetheart.

  2. Don’t get discouraged CFO! I’ve had many days when my only exercise (besides housework…which counts!!) is doing Wii Fit with my 5 year old LOL.

    Oh and I’m not a regular coupon clipper, but I am a store brand if its good and check the price per unit/volume shopper. Shopping without the kids IS a night out esp. if you have a Wegmans 🙂 I could plan an entire date night around their olive/cheese bar.

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