Up Early Tomorrow…

at 7:30.  Ok, early for me LOL.  Gotta get my middle ready for school (oldest gets up earlier with Daddy and heads out around 6:45) and since I have to work at 9 am – I have to get my youngest ready to go to work with me.  Around lunch time, I’ll take a break, she’ll eat and then I’ll bring her to school.  After, I’ll head back to work till 4.

I’m hoping, after I’m done work, I’ll still have the motivation to hop on that dreaded treadmill and knock out close to two miles.  I hit a stall point with the holidays and my head cold…I’m working my way back up the C25k again and onto the GW28k (gateway to 8k).  I figured the best way to do it was to start from the beginning (“and this is the beginning!” Sorry, Princess Bride moment there…).  But…BUT…progress will not PROgress, if I don’t put in the work.  Mental note to self, to pack my breakfast, lunch and a snack – I’ll need the energy for my run.


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