2010 New Year, New Decade

and new challenges, goals and things to cross of my to do list!  2000  was the end of a hard decade not just for me, but many others.   Ever the eternal optimist,  I choose not to bid it good riddance.

As hard as the decade was at times,  I was fortunate to have many wonderful things happen to me  and realized the achievement of many personal goals.  It is these memories and achievements, I choose to take as my souvenirs of  the past decade. The birth of my 3rd child in ’04, our first home in ’05 and I completed my first 5k in ’09…many other things as well, too many to list. The next decade will mark many new milestones  for my family and I.  I’m looking forward, as always to the the exciting possibilities each new day brings.

So what are my goals for 2010 (and beyond)?

Write more and improve my writing.

Run more and improve my running.

Run the Utica Boilermaker (Thats 9.3 miles.  Eek!! Ok, make that run with a bit of occasional walking maybe).

Finish a sprint triathlon.

Eat less meat (waaah!) and more veggies.

Remember to eat breakfast.

Crochet more and improve my skill in crocheting.

Teach myself to knit.

Go hiking and camping with my family.

Plant my garden.

Can tomatoes at the end of summer (and possibly a few other things).

Finally decide if we’re refinishing the floors or simply re-carpeting them and actually getting it done!

Start refinishing the basement.

and not last nor least…continue in my spiritual journey, God Bless!


3 thoughts on “2010 New Year, New Decade

  1. Great post. Good luck with the 2010 goals. I just started blogging about running and so far, I love it. Feel free to come on over and check it out. God bless and have a great year.

  2. Thank you! I look forward to more blog posts from you as well. Blogging about running, has really helped to keep me motivated 🙂 Keep putting one foot in front of the other…and one word after another!

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