Keeping Christmas Simple…

Last year we really scaled back Christmas here at home, it went so well we’re doing it again this year.  This year, we are sticking to  “three gifts each.” Something a preschool teacher of Molly’s said last Christmas has stuck with me and I really liked the possibilities it presented.  Molly’s teacher said “The Wise Men brought Jesus just three gifts…and it was enough.”

Now even if you aren’t particularly religious…you can still take the idea of SIMPLIFYING the holiday season and make it into your own unique family tradition.  I freely admit, the appeal wasn’t in the “religious” aspect…but in the “Wow….what a stress reliever that would be!”   Stress relieving in that shopping is kept to a minimum (Hello…can we say online shopping?), but financially as well.

So, using this new idea of 3, we asked the kids to make their wish list/letters to Santa and us.  Then, we talked about how only three things from each list would be picked out – which things would be the surprise.   Come to think of it…its not just the stress of dealing with the crowds, or the cost.  I’m personally tired of seeing much asked for presents, laying ignored a few days after Christmas, rarely or never to be played with again.  I want my kids to learn to think about what things they will  truly enjoy and/or appreciate.  In turn, I get the joy of seeing some well thought out wishes, come true.

In doing this, we are able to teach about what the holiday season truly represents…to take that wish list outside the house and think of three things we can do as a family for others.  We don’t have a lot of money, but we can still do something…donate a turkey on Thanksgiving, buy a pair of mittens for the school mitten tree or a box/can of nutritious food to our local food pantry.

What ideas or traditions would you like to share?


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