Argh Knee Pain Again!

My right knee has hurt after the past two runs, the second more so than the first.  I did a near two mile run/walk yesterday and today, thought it smart not to run.  I’m really trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.  Do I need to strengthen my quads?  Do my sneakers need replacing (I’ve had them since end of May/early June)?  Is it my stride?  Am I running too much (about 3 – 4 times a week right now, between a mile and a half and two miles).   Maybe its a combination of all of the above…either way, if this pain doesn’t go away, its off to the doctors I go.  I’ve put too much effort and time into becoming more physically fit, to injure myself and have it all go to waste.


3 thoughts on “Argh Knee Pain Again!

  1. If you run often you should replace your shoes. I’ve only just discovered your blog so I don’t know how regularly you run but if you’re running more than twice a week/you also walk in the same shoes, you should get a new pair.

    Even if it doesn’t fix your problem, you’ll have a nice new pair of shoes and who are we kidding, getting new running shoes is the best!

  2. Very true! Can’t beat the fun of a new pair of shoes. I’ve found out that the pair I have are very marked down…its fun to Christmas shop for one’s self, right?

    I’ve read and have been told about the formula for replacing running shoes. While I’m not a hardcore or long distance runner – now that the weather is nasty, I’m running on the tread mill more. On average, I run about 2 miles 3 to 4 times a week. What I need to find out, is if I’m putting more wear on my shoes treadmill running than road running. I know it feels different, so it has to be affecting the wear on my shoes.

    It takes me a bit, but as I find out more, I’ll post on it! I appreciate the comments. This is a work in progress, as is my growth as a runner. Happy Holidays!

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