An Autism Spectrum Running Group?

Am I crazy to be thinking about this?  I have no definite plan in mind, nothing beyond this idea.  Meeting once a week, once the weather is warm with families with children on the spectrum, or adults on the spectrum.  If needed, caregivers will have to participate – so not only will this be a way to get kids on the Spectrum moving, but there possibly sedentary families as well.   This will be necessary too, as I simply will not be in a position to supervise the attendees.  My intention isn’t to organize anything beyond a social/fitness oriented get together.

As for the actual group activity, I’m not thinking of any set distance goals straight off.  Merely meeting in an area where we can walk/run for about 30 minutes.  Participants can leave early if they need to or stay and run/move longer if they want to.  I’ve read some stories (which I’ll post links to) of runners with Autism and how it has benefited them and their loved ones.

I’ve noticed my own son – who is diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers, expressing an interest in running.  We briefly tried him and his sister out in a  Y Jr. Train To Run A 5k …his older sister haaaaated it, but he actually did very well.  The instructor said he took to it naturally – not surprising considering his Dad (my husband) has long been an avid runner.

So, the idea is percolating in my head…I’m feeling out a few friends.  I would really appreciate any feedback and advice – so please, feel free to reply!   Here are a few inspiring articles, of Spectrum Runners I’ve found so far:






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