Turkey Trot…or Brisk Walk…

Signed up for my third 5k for Thanksgiving day!  This time, instead of running alone, I’ll be doing it with my husband and hopefully my 10 year old son.  I wasn’t able to do one in October as I had hoped and it doesn’t look as though I’ll get in another until after Easter.  The reason being is I’m doing the RCIA program at my local Catholic Church.  I was baptized Catholic, had my First Communion and never really went much further than that.  There is no long story behind my decision to return to the Church, other than to say…I’m listening to that small, quiet voice a bit more often these days.

Soooo…this will be my last chance till spring to do a 5k!  Not sure how well I’ll do…I’m expecting about the same 45 minute time frame, given my sporadic running since early October.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the flu hit our house (I don’t think it was the swine flu) as well as my oldest contracting Mono.  She is on her third week out of school, so between being nursemaid and school teacher – plus wife, pt worker and housekeeper, I haven’t had a lot of time or inclination to run.

Now that health is returning, I’ve been making sure I get out for a run or running while at the Y for my kids swim/karate.  I’m already wondering what the weather will be like – are the running clothes I have adequate for the possible bad weather?  Should I carry my rescue inhaler?  Will it rain?  I haven’t run in the rain yet.  How will my son do if he runs with me?  Will he wait up for me????   Will I get home in time to start Thanksgiving dinner?  If I do, will I be too sore to lift the turkey???  Wait, my husband can lift the turkey…anyhoo, lots to look forward to and even more to be thankful for.


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