Falling Off The Horse…Sort Of.

Well, I haven’t “exactly” fallen off the running horse…its more like my horse has gone from a fast trot to a canter.  I continued fairly well, consistently running after my 5k in Septmember.  However, as  October approached,  my weekly running declined  from 3 times a week, to only having run once in the past week and a half.

I have all the good reasons – kids, kids’ schedules (swim, karate and scouts…not to mention homework), housework, part-time job and all the other minutiae that make up a sahm’s everyday life.  How do working Moms do all this AND find time to run?

I have two big personal fitness goals for summer 2010:  The Utica Boilermaker (just under 10 miles) and the Aflac Irongirl Triathlon.  So how do these active sahm and working Mom’s do it?  I had to face the ugly truth, that they probably go to bed a lot earlier than I do and – ugh,  get up earlier than I do.  Its the only way I’m going to be able to find that time to train and be there for my family.

I admit I’m spoiled, having an oldest who pretty much gets herself ready after my alarm goes off at 6:15.  Most mornings I’m just a sleepy shadow in the kitchen, hugging a hot mug of tea for warmth.  My middle doesn’t have to be up till 8…this leaves me plenty of time to “carve out” some dedicated training time.

So, starting Monday (and I’m posting here so I have witnesses to dog me on it), I’m getting my sad rear end out of bed way before my oldest is up (which means the end of my night owl days).  I’ll head out to the gym and either run, swim or cycle at least 3 times a week.  If I can get out the door, I can be back in time to get my middle off to school, shower and spend some time with the youngest before she goes to half day kindergarten just after 12:30.  One thing I am definitely getting back into is running three times a week no matter what…I do miss that and I notice my mood is moodier since I’ve disrupted my regular running.  A happy sahm is a good sahm…and this sahm, as much as it amazes me, is happier when she runs.

So, Boilermaker and Irongirl 2010 here I come.


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