Ok…this is nearly a week late, but I have a good excuse – pneumonia!  Yay!!!  I started feeling crappy the Sunday after my 5k and by Monday I was feverish heap.  Tuesday I started having trouble breathing and wound up at Urgent Care on Wednesday.  Three days later and thanks to the Zpack, I’m just starting to feel human again.  Its still hard to draw a deep breath and I get winded making the bed, but I’m getting there.  But enough with the drama of my pneumonia…I’ve got to fill you in on my first 5k!

I couldn’t have hoped for a better day.  Temperatures were predicted to hit almost 90 (and later in the week it did and was like Satan’s oven outside).  But the morning of the run it was tolerable, sunny and there was a decent breeze off the lake.  I left early from the house to meet friends at the Y, who were running as well.  We headed over to the lake and picked up our race numbers finished our water and make a couple pit stops (the last one was cutting it close).

My friends had all run a few 5ks and were asking how I felt.  Nervous?  Excited?  Both!  My right knee was a bit stiff and a little sore (Hello, sign of my illness coming on I wonder?), so I decided I would run the 5k in intervals of about 12:1.  We positioned ourselves toward the rear of the group and set off with the blast of the horn (I jumped a little LOL).

I started off slow and kept about the same pace throughout.  I noticed that it was a huge effort that day and in hindsight I can see why.  I kept to my plan of running it in intervals though and make sure I hit the water station on the way to and from the turnaround point.  Many people passed me – younger,  a lot older, skinny and not so skinny.  I wasn’t the slowest runner though and I even passed a couple of the people who passed me on the way to the turnaround point.

I saw a few people I knew from the Y, who were there volunteering (and several more who were running).  One volunteer recognized me and shouted “Way to go!  Looking good!”  knowing it was my first 5k.  The people I knew who were running all gave me thumbs up and hollered similar words of encouragement and praise as they met me coming the other way.

Once I saw the finish line, I was so ready for it to be done I went from an easy jog to an all out run.  I saw my friends waiting by the finish line, heard them cheer me on with whoops and clapping.  I crossed the finish line and felt such a sense of accomplishment.   I came in 258 out of 274, with a time of 47 minutes and 33 seconds.  Slow?  Yes.  Insignificant?  Nope.

I’d been working for this for 5 months!  A small goal to some…but its not.  Doing something like this is a definite achievement.  Overcoming mental and physical obstacles you never thought you could…finding the time to commit to a goal months away…and then DOING IT.  Its amazing.  I’m hooked.


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