Struggling To Run, Struggling To Write…

Both are challenges…both, I know…with continued effort, I can do.  Here I am, mid summer…all the grand plans I had hoped to accomplish unfinished.  Well…not all, I am still running and I am still writing – although, in regards to the latter, not as much as I want to or should!

The good news is,  I have my first 5k on August 15th.  I am up to 5k mostly running and only enough walking to lower my heart rate when needed.  I’m still learning the nuances of “target heart rate,” so don’t expect advice on that topic from me just yet.  Right now, my biggest piece of advice is if your head starts swimming and your heart is hammering, slow down…for God’s sake, listen to your body.

Its late, I’m breaking one of the big rules of running…get plenty of sleep!  So, off I go and I promise to write more soon.  I don’t know if anyone is reading, but even if I’m writing for myself only, it helps keep me motivated.  I’m amazed I’ve come this far and stuck with it this long…four months!  The old me would have given up by now.  The new me hasn’t…


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