I’m Baaaaack!

What a fantastic vacation I had!  My in-laws took my entire family and my Sister in-laws family on a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  It goes without saying, it was very hard to say goodbye to the ship and all the amenities.  One of which is FOOD.  Oh. My. G-d!! All that FOOOOOOD!!! I was pretty good about what I ate, indulged just enough to feel a wee bit guilty…but not too much so.  I had dessert every day but one (the ship was experiencing rough waters and I was too green to order anything by that time).

I did try to run while on the ship.  I found the track too windy and crowded with casual walkers…so I went up to the fitness center.  I hopped on a treadmill and was immediately off kilter for two reasons:  1) The sharp slant to the windows, meant you couldn’t look straight out (all the treadmills faced the windows).  Instead, you could only look down at nothing but water…combine that with 2) a slight movement of the ship and it was very much like being drunk without all the fun side effects.  In fact, one guy who was just pounding away on the treadmill to my left, got so off balance he nearly flew off the back.  Fortunately, he grabbed hold of the rails and got his feet on the unmoving sides of the treadmill.  He gamely continued on…but as for me, even with one hand on the bar in front of me, only managed a mile.

So, my fitness regimen on ship consisted of taking the stairs EVERYWHERE I went (minus a couple of times I had a very tired child in tow).  Given that Camp Carnival was on the 12th floor and our room was on the first,  I got some good stair work in!  I certainly felt it in my bum.  Now that I’m back home, its back to my 4-5 times a week runs and training for my first ever 5k on August 15th!


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