Some Days It’s Frustrating…

In the past week, since I’ve been back to running (I tweaked my knee two weeks ago and took a week off running), I’m slowly but surely working my way up and past the point where I left off.  I’m now up to running 7 minutes, walking 2 – repeated four times.

It hasn’t been easy though.  On Sunday’s Y run, I made it through the four intervals…even managed to go up that damn hill two times!  But I wasn’t able to do the fast sprint up the short side of the hill.  At that point, my knee was starting to feel funny.  Not sore exactly, but tight and very fatigued.   I was very happy to have been able to do that much.

So, after taking a day off to rest, I headed out to do my Y run on my own this morning.  I did my usual 5 minute warm up walk and begain the first 7 minute run…I knew right off, I was not into this run.  I had been looking forward to it, was eager for it as I headed out the door.  But I could not finish it.  That first 7 minutes was hell…and not because I felt like I was over exerting myself.  It was as though my body just did not want to cooperate, move right…or for that matter, move at all.

Near the end of my second 7 minutes, my knee started stiffening and my already slow running pace, slowed even more.  I watched a long legged, blond girl go running across the street ahead of me.  Legs even longer in mid stride, pony tail bouncing and all grace in motion.  Here I was…struggling to make it through 4 lousy 7 minute intervals.  I felt slow, bloated (I hate you Auntie Flo) and increasingly grouchy as the throb in my knee increased.  So,  after struggling to complete that second 7 minutes…I called it a wash and walked through the last two intervals.  I honestly feel I let myself down, not having finished it. Maybe two days off after hill work would have been better. I’ll try again tomorrow, the next day and the next.

I’m in this for the long run, after all.


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